Helping Protect Your Financial Blind Sides

A financial program as unique as you are

Many financial advisors apply a “one-size-fits-all” approach to managing client assets. They develop a few standard plans or programs and fit you into one of their boxes. A cookie-cutter approach is never the best way to design an effective investment portfolio. You and your investment program should represent more than just an account number.

Your portfolio should be carefully aligned with your personal values, situation and priorities. It should be designed to meet your individual financial objectives based on your age, time horizon, your tolerance for risk and your unique circumstances. Our goal is to protect you from the things you haven’t thought of yet—your blind sides.

“Protecting your blind sides” has special meaning to Judson H. Gee, Founder of JHG Financial, after a life changing event in 2009. One evening while walking home he was attacked and left for dead, spending over six weeks in the hospital. After recovering and returning to work he realized his passion was to do all he could to “protect his clients’ financial blind sides.” People ask, “what do you mean by protecting my blind sides?” The answer is: it could be working toward helping you not outlive your money, protecting your estate from over-taxation, making sure your family and their income are protected, helping plan for educational costs so that your children have a choice, or making sure your hard earned money is working to, not only outpace inflation, but protect and grow it.

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